Hotel Database Management and Email marketing

It’s a simple fact – companies with the most loyal customers are also the most profitable.

Every hotel sits on a potential pot of gold – your database. This includes every record in your PMS, contact information from people who have subscribed to your newsletter, every individual who called reservations and did not book (you are capturing their contact information aren’t you?), meeting planners, travel agents, event attendees and the list goes on.

Properly capturing every contact and segmenting your target audiences to deliver the right message at the right time is one of the most important ways to build loyalty and drive profitable revenue.

Database marketing can’t be run by some techie who knows how to “Batch & Blast” emails. It has to be run by experts in the field of database and direct marketing. Unlike advertising, direct marketing is a science – the science of getting the right people to act. You want them to pick up the phone and call, book online or sign up for more information in order to stay in touch. Used properly it can move people along the customer lifecycle from awareness to loyal Brand Advocate.

We can recommend a CRM solution to meet your needs that not only measures open and click-through rates for emails, but can also track how much revenue each email campaign generates. For one of our luxury hotel clients we were able to track over $2,000,000 in direct revenue in one year as a result of our email marketing campaigns.

Building a usable marketing database to reach out and communicate on a one-to-one basis with past guests and prospects is the most effective way to generate profitable, commission-free revenue. It is therefore the most effective way for luxury hotels to create more loyal customers and minimize your dependence on Online Travel Agencies. How much money is your hotel currently leaking to Online Travel Agencies?

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