Hotel Review Management

Recommendations from people I know and consumer opinions posted online are the two most important and trusted forms of Earned Advertising according to the most recent survey from A. C. Nielsen.

Hotel Review Management

As a result, establishing and maintaining a positive reputation is more important than ever before. Several studies have shown that most of travelers won’t book a hotel room without first reading online reviews. This is particularly true for guests looking to book a more expensive and luxurious hotel room or vacation.

Fortunately, our team can help your hotel build and maintain a positive and reputable online brand that appeals to discerning travelers.

Revitalize Your Online Reputation

Through our software partnerships, we can provide your hotel with everything it needs to improve and manage its online reputation. Our online reputation management tools allow you to:

  • Track your online performance as it relates to your competitors
  • Set up and receive custom reports to consistently measure your key performance indicators
  • Review what social media users are saying about your hotel, and respond to posts, tweets, blogs, etc.
  • Manage your portfolio and benchmark it by region and/or brand to ensure top quality across all divisions
  • Utilize our approach to gain more Google reviews and to benefit from Meta-Reviews
  • Analyze and respond to all user feedback across the web with detailed insights, alerts and advanced analytics

Let travelers and vacationers feel confident booking their stay with you by maintaining a positive online reputation. Consistently tracking your hotel’s online reviews will also allow you to discover what matters most to your guests, allowing you to improve the customer experience. As a result, your hotel can ensure that every guest leaves happy and spreads the word about their spectacular stay – in person to their friends, through social media and by posting online reviews.

Ready to manage your hotel’s online reputation? Get started now!