Organic and Paid Search Management

Travelers and vacationers all over the world search online to find and book their hotel rooms. If your hotel isn’t appearing in their search results, you’re missing big opportunities to drive direct, non-commissionable revenue. Fortunately, using our organic (free) and paid search marketing strategies, your hotel can get the attention and the revenue it deserves.

Optimize Your Hotel for Organic Search

Our organic search engine optimization (SEO) tactics are designed to improve your hotel’s web page rankings so prospective guests can find you faster than your competitors. From keyword implementation to link-building, our SEO techniques will boost your hotel’s online presence.

Use Paid Search to Perfectly Position Your Hotel

With our paid search marketing tactics, your hotel’s ads will appear to online users who are searching for exactly what your hotel has to offer – the perfect luxury hotel, rooms and overall experience. Whether your hotel wants to launch display ads or pay-per-click ads to attract guests around the globe, we will ensure that each ad truly represents your brand and speaks directly to your target audience.

Measure What Truly Matters

Once your goals are clearly established, our team of search professionals will develop paid or organic search campaigns to help your hotel meet its most critical revenue targets.

We will also define your key performance indicators (KPIs) to carefully track and report your campaign’s performance. From impressions to click-through-rates to ROI, we’ll measure what matters most and explain what it means for your business.

In 2013, CroisiEurope launched its first major online marketing campaign in the United States to increase brand visibility and increase the number of US consumers on its cruises. StringCan played a big role in the development of our digital strategy, helping us identify our ideal target the US and choose the best way to get in touch with the US market with SEO, Adwords campaigns and writing relevant content. We now have more and more Americans on our cruises and we intend to continue on this path !

Lucas Smitter

Director of E-commerce, CroisiEurope

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