Does Your Hotel’s Website Meet New Legal Standards?

How honest and clear is your hotel’s website about your hotel’s pricing? If your answer isn’t “completely honest,” you may run into legal trouble.

According to the French newspaper LesEchos, French hotel websites are now required to clearly display all of their hotel’s booking prices and individual fees for online customers. For example, services like continental breakfast and internet access must appear as separate line items with their own set prices on your website. Even taxes that aren’t typically included in the price of your rooms must be provided at some point during the booking process. Hotels have until June 2016 to make these changes to their websites. If your website’s prices mislead online customers after this date, you could suffer legal consequences.

With all of the time and money you’ve already invested into building your hotel’s current site, we know that making more updates is the last thing you want to do. However, making your hotel’s website and online booking process more transparent will protect your company from legal risk.

But that’s not the only reason why you should update your site as soon as possible. If you are clear and honest on your website, you can also boost your hotel’s reputation. Not surprisingly, customers prefer hotels that are honest, trustworthy and supportive. So when your hotel’s website is transparent and truthful, customers will feel more comfortable buying from you.

In addition, including more details on your hotel’s website will boost your website’s rankings on search engines like Google. Just like people, search engines love accurate and detailed information—especially when it includes relevant keywords and phrases. As a result, they rank websites with thorough and factual copy higher than websites with misleading or irrelevant copy. In fact, Google explains in this article that writing high-quality website content is “the single most important thing to do.”

To summarize, updating your hotel’s website to ensure it meets new legal requirements will offer more benefits beyond legal protection. It will also boost your website’s SEO, help you win over more customers, and allow you to attain more positive online reviews. Now that’s a much better outcome than upsetting hundreds of customers—and possibly getting sued.

But what exactly do you need to fix on your website to ensure that it meets legal requirements? Don’t worry, our team at Marketing Luxury Hotels can help. At Marketing Luxury Hotels, we know exactly what’s needed to ensure your website is completely compliant with the changing legal requirements. We also have professional copywriters who can ensure that both travelers and search engines prefer your hotel’s website over your competitors.

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