Social Media Consulting and Training

As a hotelier in one of the most competitive industries in the world, you know the importance in having a strong and consistent social media presence. We do too. Social media is becoming increasingly important as travelers depend more each day on recommendations from their friends before making a destination or hotel decision.  When used properly social media can generate massive reach and insert your hotel into the traveler’s conversation – a critical step in getting your hotel in the consideration set to boost brand awareness and bookings.

Master Social Media

We believe that social media is best maintained at the property level. You know better than anyone else what is happening on your property. You talk to your guests, see them in your restaurants, know where they like to go when they venture out and you can snap cool photos and share them instantly on social media. A steady stream of content, stories and photos that set you apart from competition are what is needed.

From blogger outreach to photo contests, Luxury Hotel Marketing will teach your team everything it needs to know to become social media savvy. We offer our expertise and guidance to help you set up a world-class social media presence. As part of our program we develop a clear set of guidelines your staff can follow and effectively manage social media in house. We will also show the best ways to measure the effectiveness of your program so you can track performance over time.

Better content, more engagement and a more cost-effective social media program can be yours when you work with us.

In 2013, CroisiEurope launched its first major online marketing campaign in the United States to increase brand visibility and increase the number of US consumers on its cruises. StringCan played a big role in the development of our digital strategy, helping us identify our ideal target the US and choose the best way to get in touch with the US market with SEO, Adwords campaigns and writing relevant content. We now have more and more Americans on our cruises and we intend to continue on this path !

Lucas Smitter

Director of E-commerce, CroisiEurope

Ask us today about the social media consulting and training we provide. You will be amazed at what we can do for you.