US, Canada and EU Press Relations

At Marketing Luxury Hotels, we believe press relations is one of the most vital components of any luxury hotel’s marketing efforts. Crafted properly it will enhance a hotel’s image among customers, investors and potential guests while at the same time drive revenue and improve its bottom line.

Press relations is also one of the most cost effective marketing tools where several well placed features can save hundreds of thousands of Euros in media exposure – far more than most hotels could afford in paid advertising.

MLH maintains one of the most extensive databases of editors, journalists, freelance writers, bloggers and social media influencers in the industry. We can deliver timely and motivating messages and professionally written press releases to virtually any segment of the database.

We also offer clients a full range of strategic public relations services for both the US/Canadian and UK/European markets, including:

  • Media relations
  • Media tours
  • Newsletters
  • Crisis management
  • Social media management
  • Special events
  • Sponsorships
  • Employee relations
  • Community relations

While the various activities within each service is almost limitless, our PR services are always customized to fit each client’s specific needs.

Isn’t it time you integrate your public relations initiatives into your overall marketing or CRM program? Contact us today.